Mission and Values


Our values and the company culture provide clear guidelines for our employees and for our conduct of business.

Broadminded – which means that we shall see things – and think – holistically. We believe that this is necessary for creating results, lasting changes and creativity in our focus areas. Inherent in this as well is a need for endurance: we will not create short-lived bubbles with the biggest possible returns, but build something new and different – within new segments – that requires patience and strategic thinking for us to see results. Being broadminded also means being open to new ideas, curiosity and seeking truth – as a foundation for our innovation and value creation.

Courage – which has been chosen to emphasise that we are proactive and energetic and stand up for what we believe – seeing progress and breakthroughs in whatever we are involved in – both as employees and as a company. Courage represents our willingness to take risks, break new ground and dare to make mistakes.

Team-spirit – we believe that success can best be achieved by creating a strong team-spirit and company culture. This should also be our basis for co-operation with our business partners.