Mission and Values


Firmament AS is a holding company that has as its goal the creation of long-term value by developing projects combining profitability with the preservation of culture and the environment. Thus it will carry ou financial management where the overall demand for return is balanced against these same intentions.

We are also in agreement on what these concepts mean to us:

Long-term value

Long-term means that we aim to create solid projects that last. We desire for the business to leave behind something permanent, something meaningful and visible.

Develop projects

Develop projects makes clear that Firmament AS does not desire a specific industrial or business platform, but wishes to focus on project-oriented activities that will vary over time. While there is no requirement that Firmament AS should be a majority owner in these projects, we shall nevertheless be a driving force in their development.

Financial management

Financial management describes our management of the company’s finance portfolio – based on the most profitable distribution between shares, money market and bonds.


Profitability underscores the fact that financial returns are the objective of the company and are defined in the company’s business strategy. All our activities are to take place in a cost-effective and profitable manner, which will benefit our owner as well as our partners. Inherent in this is the value added in the form of pure returns, as well as the value added in the form of human development and growth.